Masking tape NR 80 provides instant adhesion and is easy to use. It is resistant to bending or stretching. Easy to apply on bends or curved surfaces. Crepe paper tape is resistant to paint leakage and shows excellent performance.

Masking tape NR 80 belongs to the class of general purpose tapes with good adhesion. It is made of crepe paper tape and a rubber based adhesive, that is pressure sensitive and adheres well to most types of surfaces. It can be used for heat treatment up to 80˚C.

It ensures, that during painting, etching and finishing, surfaces will be protected. Suitable for use in areas requiring heat treatment in the automotive industry, and for varnishing processes in the furniture industry.Due to its elastic structure, the tape takes the desired shape when glued. Suitable for indoor use. It can be easily removed without leaving a traces.


Standard sizes:

18mm x 30m

24mm x 30m

36mm x 30m

48mm x 30m

Technical Specifications

Usage & Applications

Glass industry

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