General Purpose Masking Tapes


GP tape is easy to use and provides instant adhesion on the application surfaces. It is resistant to bending or stretching. It is easy to apply to places of bends or curved surfaces. Crepe paper is resistant to paints leakage and protects the surfaces well.

GP masking tape belongs to the class of General Purpose masking tapes. It is made of crepe paper and pressure sensitive adhesive, based on synthetic rubber, which adheres well to many types of surfaces.

It can be easily used for masking, assembly and temporary fastening in the construction (internal and external environment) and furniture sectors. Due to its elastic structure, it assumes the desired shape when glued. It has high adhesion due to synthetic adhesive.


Standard sizes:

18mm x 30m

24mm x 30m

36mm x 30m

48mm x 30m

Technical Specifications

Usage & Applications


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