Repulpable Splicing Tape


Can be used for movable or moveless splicing in paper production and usage of paper rolls.

Provides low splicing thickness. 

Can be used for splicing the bobbins in the drying tunnel.

The carrier and adhesive may disperse in water and mix again in the paper pulp. (repulpable).
Very high heat resistance up to 200 °C.
Both single sided and double-sided options are available.

Suitable for the paper industry (Producers and printing presses) and businesses that work with bobbins. 

Find information about its other features under the title of Dimensions & Technical Specs.

For detailed information, please contact us.


Standard sizes are 25/50mm x 50m.

Technical Specifications

Total Thickness (micron)170
Temperature Resistance (ºC)200

Usage & Applications

Paper Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are three important points; the surface where the tape will be applied, the weight of full package and which condition the tape will be applied.

Each product will have a different expiry date. For detailed information you can contact us. 

Yes, we do produce printed adhesive tapes. For detailed information please contact us.

Packaging tapes should not be taken off from their original packages until they used. They should be preserved from dust, moisture, sunlight and solvents. The storage temperature should be around 18°C – 65°F.

Based on the size of your order, we can produce different colored tapes by request.

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Our products are in the scope of recyclable wastes. We recycle our waste papers that come out with our production process with the licensed firms. In 2020, within this framework, we recycled more than 200 tons of paper.

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