Continuing its leadership with the products and technologies that make a difference in its sector, Ve-Ge is constantly renewed and developed with the R&D-Oriented Technology Center. Thus, Ve-Ge, which will offer more environmentally friendly, functional and economical products by rapidly improving its targeted quality and production costs, will carry out these processes under an organic structure.

It tries to strengthen the sustainability phenomenon in production by promoting in-house entrepreneurship and sustainability, design-oriented thinking technique, advanced digital R&D infrastructure, and accelerating the transition from idea to product, from product to market. Today we come across sustainable innovation in many different areas that help make our lives easier, protecting the environment and serving the community. A couple of our greatest advantages in our efforts in sustainable innovation at Ve-Ge are our continuously developing technology and our R&D efforts.

Our company, which has made improvements in sustainable production within the company with techniques including Advanced Coating and Lamination Technologies, ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems, Waste Water Treatment, and Electricity-Water Consumption Control, has also invested in reducing its carbon footprint. International Sustainability and Carbon Certification-ISCC Plus Certification, which covers the assessment of sustainable production criteria, management criteria, and traceability documentation, has been successfully completed with zero non-compliance. With ISCC Plus certification, Ve-Ge aims to become the leading manufacturer in its field in terms of sustainability with its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to the circular economy.