WFU Offset Printing Paper


High-grade WFU offset printing paper is used in various printing works such as books, notebooks, posters, brochures etc.; besides they are proper for production of envelopes and computer form paper.


It has been the printing paper, which is the primary preference in the sector, on account of characteristics increasing printing quality such as high surface picking resistance, smooth thickness profile, printing paper permeability at high level, high opacity and smooth runnability in high speed web printing machines.

High-grade WFU offset printing paper, which is produced in full automation cutting machines  are sold in reel or sheets in laminated packs against water and  humid environments with worldstandards between 45 gr/m² to 220 gr/m² according to customer request.

Our sheeted WFU paper is put up for sale for being loaded into the machine (CAST) with or without ream wrappers.


Our Standard Sheet Size:

57 cm x 82 cm

64 cm x 90 cm

68 cm x 100 cm

70 cm x 100 cm


Our sheeted paper can be produced in different sizes and quantities. For detailed information, contact with customer services.

Technical Specifications

Please contact us for details.

Usage & Applications

Offset Printing

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