Endüstriyel Bant

Industrial Packaging Tapes

Used for closing medium and heavy weighted boxes and packages.  Suitable for automatic closing.


Floor Marking Tape

Marking tapes are used for security, guidance and determining a security space in necessary points’ floor that can pose a danger. It is resistant to abrasion, water, and moisture.

2022-Ağır Hizmet Bandı

Heavy Duty Tapes

Specially designed for packaging easily the card boxes which have high thickness  Suitable for all kinds of boxing and packing materials for manual or automatic closing.

2022-Sera Tamir Bandı

Greenhouse Repair Tapes

Mainly used for assembling and repairing greenhouse films and all polyethylene films. Resistant to UV, humidity, and high temperature. Can be easily removed and does not remain residue.

Duct Tape (ikili)

Duct Tapes

It offers the best combination of mechanical and high adhesiveness.  It can be used indoors and outdoors for general repair, insulation, hobby, and heavy packaging. Easy to tear. 

2022-Polyester Bant

Polyester Tapes

Can be used in various industrial processes such as fixing, bunching of materials, equipment/component assembly. Also, it can be used for closing boxes, packaging, and fixing. For learning more about where to use it, please look at Usage & Applications. 


Cold Environment Tape

Ideal to use for closing all types of boxes and packaging in cold surroundings. Due to the strength of synthetic rubber adhesive initial tack tape is very strong.